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APEDA Registration

APEDA stands for Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority. It is responsible for issuing APEDA RCMC registration certificate to the exporters of Agri products from India.

Apeda Registration plays an important role for Agri food export industry in India. It helps producers and merchant exporters from India to get hold in Foreign market such as middle eastern market and USA.

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What is APEDA Registration

The APEDA authorities offer APEDA registration or registration-cum-membership-certification (RCMC) to exporters of Scheduled food products in accordance with the APEDA ACT. It is mandatory for exporters to obtain an RCMC membership in order to initiate their business for listed food products, as per the provided guidelines.

Importance of APEDA RCMC Registration

APEDA’s objective is to facilitate the export of Scheduled food products in the international food market.

  • APEDA provides registration to exporters of scheduled food products, supporting the growth of industries involved in exporting scheduled food products.
  • APEDA regulates the standards and specifications of scheduled products intended for export, ensuring quality control.
  • APEDA aids in enhancing packaging and marketing strategies to expand the reach of scheduled food products in the industry.
  • APEDA conducts various training programs for its members to foster the development of the export industry for the listed food products under the APEDA Act.
  • APEDA actively participates in food festivals to promote scheduled food items outside India.

Criteria for APEDA Registration

Any individual or food business operator involved in exporting one or more food products listed in the First Schedule and Second Schedule of the APEDA Act are eligible for APEDA Registration, as per the guidelines specified in sub-section (1) of Section 12 of the APEDA Act.

Exporters are required to obtain APEDA registration within one month from the date of their business incorporation.

Following scheduled food Products Under APEDA Act

First Schedule

  • Fruits, vegetables, and their products
  • Floriculture and floriculture products
  • Herbal and medicinal plants
  • De-oiled rice bran
  • Green pepper in brine
  • Dairy products
  • Confectionary, biscuits, and bakery products
  • Honey, jaggery, and sugar products
  • Meat and meat products
  • Poultry and poultry products
  • All kinds of chocolates, Cocoa, and its products
  • Groundnuts, peanuts, and walnuts
  • Pickles, chutneys, and papads
  • Guar Gum
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Cereals and Cereal products

The Second Schedule

Basmati Rice

Documents Required For APEDA Registration

These are the following documents that are required for APEDA registration/certification

  • Import-Export Code
  • The signed certificate from the bank
  • Statement of Account of the last 2 months
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • GST registration certificate
  • Duly signed APEDA Registration FORM

Additional Documents Required for Manufacturer exporter under APEDA 

  • DIS/SIA issued by the Department of Horticulture in case of food products listed under the APEDA act
  • Certificate of incorporation of the Firm (partnership firm if required)
  • Central FSSAI Registration for manufacturer exporter
  • NOC from the pollution control board
  • MSME certificate

What is the process for APEDA Registration

The process of obtaining the APEDA Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) is straightforward and convenient with expert guidance. The issuance of RCMC has been made available online, where exporters can fill out the application form and submit their documents electronically.

Step -1 online Application: 

To initiate the application process for an RCMC certificate, log in to the APEDA portal and navigate to the “Register as Member” section. Fill in all the required information, including the ICE code, email address, and mobile number. You will receive an OTP (One-Time-Password) on your mobile number and email for verification purposes.

Step -2 Documentation:

Once the OTP verification is completed, exporters are required to complete a mandatory application form by providing all the requested details. Additionally, they must upload all the necessary documents for APEDA Registration. Applicants have the flexibility to save and edit their form as many times as needed before submitting the APEDA registration fees.

Step -3 Submission of Fee:

After completing the application form, please proceed to submit the registration fee. Upon successful payment, you will receive an application number. This application number can be used to track the status of your RCMC application until it is issued.

Step -4 Issuance of certification: 

The RCMC certificate will be granted approximately 10 to 15 days following a successful application on the APEDA portal. Individuals can access and download their certificate by utilizing the login ID and password provided by APEDA, which will be sent to their registered mobile number and email address.

APEDA Registration Fees

The government fee for APEDA registration is ₹5,900 inclusive of 18% GST and the professional fee for registration is ₹2,999. Therefore, the total fee for APEDA registration is ₹8,899.

Particulars APEDA Registration
Govt Fee ₹ 5,900
Professional Fee₹ 2,999
Total Charges₹ 8,899

Note : If the applicant’s registered office is located in the State of J&K, North-Eastern states, or Sikkim, they will only need to pay Rs. 1,000 for their APEDA registration.

What is the Validity of APEDA Registration

The registration-cum-membership-certificate (APEDA Registration) remains valid for a duration of 5 years. The RCMC license will be automatically renewed every 5 years. Once the fee has been submitted, no further documents or submissions are necessary.

Cancellation of APEDA (RCMC) Certificate

  • If an exporter, who is registered to engage in the export business of a scheduled food product, fails to conduct business for a continuous period of 12 months, the APEDA Registration may be revoked in accordance with Section 11 of the rules of the APEDA act.
  • In the event that an individual has obtained the certificate by providing inaccurate information, the APEDA authority reserves the right to cancel all such registrations.
  • Any individual who violates the rules and regulations of the act shall have their registration cancelled in accordance with the guidelines.
  • The registration-cum-membership-certificate ( APEDA Registration ) is valid for 5 years.
  • The RCMC license will be automatically renewed every 5 years. Once the fee has been submitted, no further documents or submissions are required.

Benefits of APEDA Registration

APEDA registration is compulsory for exporting scheduled food products in accordance with the guidelines of the APEDA act. Here are some benefits of having a registration:

  • Access to APEDA Schemes: Registered (RCMC) members can take advantage of various schemes offered by APEDA to promote scheduled food products. These include the Agriculture and Processed Food Export Promotion Scheme, Food Processing Funds of NABARD, and Kisan Sampada Yojna.
  • Infrastructure Development: Registration with APEDA aids in the development of infrastructure related to the export of scheduled food products.
  • Inclusion in APEDA Exporter Directory: Registered members have the opportunity to become permanent members of the APEDA exporter directory, increasing their visibility and networking opportunities.
  • Brand Value and Promotion: APEDA helps in building brand value and promotes registered members’ brands, enhancing market presence and recognition.
  • Training Programs: Registered members can participate in various training programs organized by APEDA specifically designed for scheduled products, enhancing knowledge and skills in the export industry.
  • Export Guidelines and Market Insights: APEDA provides valuable guidelines and insights to exporters regarding multiple food products and export markets, assisting members in making informed decisions.

Having an APEDA registration offers these advantages to exporters of scheduled food products, supporting their growth and success in the industry.

APEDA Non-Compliance

  • Any individual who fails to comply with or attempts to violate the provisions outlined in this act will be subject to punishment, which may include imprisonment for a period of 6 months or a fine of Rs. 1,000, as per the specified guidelines.
  • In the case of repeated offenses, an additional fine of Rs. 50 per day will be imposed from the day of the initial infringement until the date of conviction.
  • If a company commits the offense, every person who was in charge at the time of the offense will be considered guilty along with the company and will be punished accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Yes, all the exporter of basmati rice and scheduled products under APEDA act required to have APEDA RCMC for their export.

Ans. The fee for apeda registration is INR 5,900 with 18% GST on it.  

Note:- Our professional Charges are not included in it.

Ans. Yes, Import export certificate is mandatory for all kind of exporters in India.

Ans. it takes around 10-15 working days to commence APEDA certificate by the licensing authorities.

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