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LMPC Certificate for Importers

The legal metrology certificate, also known as the LMPC certificate for importers, is an important mandatory certificate required by importers of pre-packaged goods in India. In addition to importers of such products, all manufacturers and packers of pre-packaged goods are also required to obtain an LMPC certificate under the Legal Metrology Act. This certificate serves as proof that the imported packaged commodities comply with the relevant regulations, such as accurate labeling, weight, and measurement.


Note:- Failure to comply with customs regulations can result in the seizure of goods at ports.

Let us explore the significance of the LMPC certificate for importers in India and understand its implications on the importation process and the importance of the LMPC importer’s license.

Importance of Legal metrology certificate for pre-packaged Goods

Metrology is the science of measurement, and it is especially important for importers and manufacturers of pre-packaged goods to acquire LMPC Registration to ensure that they are providing fair weight pre-packaged goods to end consumers. This is because LMPC Registration ensures that the weights and measurements of pre-packaged goods are accurate, which protects consumers from being cheated.

List of pre-packaged commodities under LMPC

  1. Milk and Detergent powder
  2. Tea & Coffee
  3. Cooking oils
  4. Soap
  5. Paint, Varnish, Enamels 
  6. Cement in Bags
  7. Biscuit, Bread, Baby food
  8. Soft drinks & Other Non-alcoholic beverages
  9. Mineral water & Drinking water
  10. Rice flour, Wheat flour, Suji, Rawa

Documents required for LMPC Certificate

These are the list of document required for LMPC Certificate for pre-packaged goods

Note: An EPR Certificate is also required for pre-packaged products that are being imported in plastic packaging.

What is the Registration Process for LMPC Certificate?

Filling of application form:- Applicants must submit an application to the relevant authorities.


Documentation:- Submit the documents that are required by the authorities and have been duly signed and verified. The documents must be attached during the application process.


Submission of Fee:- Once the application is filled, submit the required Fee as applicable.


Issuance of LMPC certificate:- The LMPC certificate will be released within 7-10 business days after the governing body has completed the verification process.

Information to be included on the package

  1. Date of expiry in case of food items
  2. Net contents in terms of weights / volume / length
  3. Details of the consumer care
  4. Maximum Retail Price (inclusive of GST)
  5. Date of manufacturing/packing/import
  6. Generic name of the product
  7. Country of origin for imported goods
  8. Quantities in which packing is made, i.e., below 5g, 5g, 10g, 20g, etc. 

Declarations to be made in the LMPC certificate for import

  1. Whether the package is a retail package or a wholesale package
  2. Whether the package contains perishable commodities or food items
  3. Whether the packed items will also be exported out of the country
  4. Whether the items are being packed for specific industries only as raw material
  5. Whether the packing is made in standard quantities as specified in Rule 5 of Legal Metrology
  6. Whether the package is a combination package or group package, or a multi-piece package
  7. Whether the package contains fast food items
  8. Whether the package contains any schedule / non-scheduled formulations covered under the Drugs (price control) order or any agricultural farm products of 50 kg and above
  9. Whether your firm has been challenged during the last three years for violating Weights & Measures laws. If Yes, the date of challan etc.
  10. Offenses for which challenged and whether it is compounded or not
  11. Whether the shop/factory/premises is owned/rented
  12. Have your premises been last inspected by the inspector of the W & M Department

What is the Fee for LMPC certificate?

The government fee for an LMPC certificate is ₹500, and our professional fee for filing the application with the authorities is ₹4,499. Once the application is submitted, an inspection will be conducted by the authorities before the LMPC certificate is issued within 7-10 working days.

ParticularsLMPC Certificate Fee
Govt Fee ₹ 500/-
Professional Fee₹ 4499
Total Charges₹ 4999

What is the Validity of LMPC Certificate

An LMPC Certificate is valid for five years. License holders must renew their certificate before it expires.

Benefit of LMPC certificate

  • Legal Compliance: Importers are legally obligated to obtain an LMPC certificate to ensure compliance with Indian legal metrology regulations. Failure to do so may result in penalties, delays in customs clearance, and even the seizure of goods.
  • Market Access: To be sold in India, many retailers and distributors require imported products to have the LMPC certification. This certificate gives importers access to a wider market and the opportunity to form partnerships with local businesses.

Exemption made under LMPC

The following commodities are exempt from net weight labeling requirements:

  • Commodities with a net weight of 10 grams or less
  • Agricultural products packaged in weights greater than 50 kilograms
  • Packages containing fast food items packed by hotels or restaurants
  • Packaged goods intended for institutional consumers
  • Packages containing goods weighing more than 25 kilograms or 25 liters, with the exception of cement or fertilizer sold in bags weighing up to 50 kilograms


The government fee for an LMPC certificate is a mere 500 rupees..

An LMPC certificate is valid for up to 5 years.

The certification is classified into 2.
  • Central Certificate
  • State certificate

The LMPC certificate is mandatory for importers, manufacturers, and packers of pre-packaged commodities.

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