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FSSAI State License:- Compulsory requirement for FBOs

FSSAI State License is a form of license issued by the Food Safety & Standard Authority of India. It is a mandatory certification for all food business operators involved in the manufacturing, processing, or import-export of food products in India. The objective of FSSAI is to regulate the food industry and ensure the quality of food for consumers in India. According to FSSAI guidelines, non-compliance with FSSAI regulations can result in business closure and significant penalties.


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What is FSSAI Central License?

FSSAI State License is a 14 Digit unique number provided to food business after successful food registration process. The main objective of FSSAI is to regulate the food industry in India and maintain quality of food in the county.

Registration with FSSAI also plays a key role in import-export of food products from India. It is also required during APEDA registration and Spice board registration  for export purposes.

Who Required FSSAI State license?

The FSSAI State License  is required by MSMEs and businesses operating in one state and having turnover more than ₹12 lakh but less than ₹20cr annually.

Documents required for  FSSAI State License

These are the documents required for FSSAI State License:-

  • Form-B Duly completed and signed by the proprietors, partners, or authorized signatory
  • Copy of certificate obtained under COOP-ACT, 1861/multistate COOP-ACT, 2002 in case of cooperatives 
  • Partnership deed/ memorandum and article of association toward the constitution of the firm 
  • Layout plan of the processing unit showing the dimensions in square meter/ meter ( mandatory for manufacturing and processing units only  ) 
  • Authorized letter with name and full details of the responsible person nominated by the manufacturer and alternative responsible person
  • List of directors, proprietors, and executive members of society or trust with full detail
  • Name and list of all the equipment and machines along with numbers installed capacity and horsepower
  • Chemical and bacteriological analysis report in case of water used as an ingredient.
  • IE code document issued by DGPT 
  • Recall plan wherever applicable 
  •  Certificate provided by the ministry of tourism 
  •  Form IX 
  •  Declaration in the case of Haryana and Delhi 
  •  Food safety and management plan

What is the Fee for FSSAI State License

The Government fees for FSSAI State License is INR 5000/- only. Additionally 18% GST is also applicable on it. 

Note:- Our Professional charges for filling the application are not included in above mentioned Fees.

Renewal & Validity of FSSAI State License

  • The registration issued by FSSAI is upto 1-5 years and the fees.
  • FSSAI Food Certificate holders are required to apply for renewal of their license 180 days prior to the due date to avoid late fees.

Breakdown of FSSAI Late renewal fee 

  • If the renewal is initiated 30 days before the due date then 100₹ per day shall be charged by FSSAI.
  • If the renewal is initiated 1st to 90th day after the due date then 3 times of annual renewal fee shall be charged by FSSAI.
  • If the renewal is initiated after the 91st day of the due date then 5 times of annual renewal fee shall be charged by FSSAI.

Note:- 180 days after the due date the renewal windows for FSSAI State License will be closed.

Process of FSSAI State License

The process of FSSAI online registration is divided into four steps:-

  1. Documents & Details
  2. Filing up online application with FSSAI
  3. Verification and Inspection by FSSAI licensing authorities
  4. Issuance of FSSAI Certificate

It is advised to consult an expert before filing an application to avoid delays and rejection of FOOD license applications. As even a small mistake can lead to rejection of FSSAI application.


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Eligibility for FSSAI Food Certificate

The eligibility criteria for FSSAI certificate depends on various factors such as turnover and the kind of food business you are operating in. The FBO “Food business operators’ ‘ are required to check their eligibility criteria to decide whether they require a basic FSSAI Central License Or state/central FSSAI registration.

Benefit of FSSAI State License

  • Legal compliance: Having a FSSAI State License is a legal compliance set by Food safety and standard authority.
  • Brand Awareness: Registered food businesses can use FSSAI logo and FSSAI State License number to increase brand awareness among consumers.
  • Taking business Online: Food businesses having FSSAI State License can operate online such as Swiggy, Zomato and E-commerce platforms to grow their business, As having an FSSAI State License is mandatory for listing online.
  • Access to Business loans: As per the mandate of FSS Rules only registered fssai food business can get easy loans and other monetary benefits to grow their businesses.

Compliance For FSSAI State License Holder

  1. Violation of any Rule mentioned in FSS act can lead to heavy penalties or cancellation of Registration
  2. FBOs operating with FSSAI State License number
  3. Food business operator working under Unhygienic conditions
  4. Negligence of food safety standards set by FSSAI
  5. FBOs are required to display their FSSAI license number during business hours

Penalties For Non-compliance for FSSAI Certificate holder

  • The maximum penalty for non compliance can be upto five lakh rupees and the minimum can be up to 1 lakh rupees.
  • If FBO caught to be deceiving or any adulteration found then fine can be up to 10 lakh rupees or jail in some cases
  • Penalties for false advertisement and non display of FSSAI Central License Number


Businesses operating in the food industry or involved in the import-export of food and consumable products must obtain a mandatory FSSAI State License based on their eligibility in India. Obtaining this license is highly significant and essential for food business operators (FBOs). It is important for businesses to engage professional consultants who can assist them in expanding their operations and marketing their products effectively.


The FSSAI License fee is based on type of registration.

Note:- GST is also applicable on top of it.

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The FSSAI registration is valid for 1 year up to 5 years.

All The food businesses operating in India are required to have FSSAI Registration and FSSAI License for their business to operate.

Yes, As per the FSS rules the FSSAI Registration in India is mandatory for all kinds of food businesses in India.

Yes,  All the Food export businesses in India also require the FSSAI license for their businesses.

Yes, To get APEDA RCMC food business or exporters are required to produce FSSAI license as well as Import-export code certificate for their businesses.

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