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GeM Vendor Assessment for manufacturers

Gem Vendor Assessment is one aspect of vendor validation on the GEM portal. It is for quality assurance of a vendor and its product and services. It is a process for evaluation of vendors and their performance on various predefined parameters. The objective of the assessment is to recognize and develop reliable vendors so that they consistently meet or exceed expectations and requirements of the buyers.Gem Vendor Assessment is mandatory for all OEMs excluding the exempted category.
There are several categories of products and services in vendor assessment. Such as  the desktop computer and many more,

Benefits of Vendor Assessment

The benefits of GeM vendor assessment are as follows:

  • Directly accessible to all government department
  • One stop portal for bids/auction on products and services
  • Strong vendor Rating 
  • New product suggestion facility available to seller 
  • Seller friendly dashboard for selling and monitoring of supplies and payments 
  • Transparency between the seller and the buyer 

Importance of GeM Vendor Assessment 

The importance of GeM vendor assessment are as follows:

  • Transparency and Accountability: GeM Vendor assessment ensures transparency in the procurement process by evaluating vendors based on predefined criteria. This helps in holding vendors accountable for the quality of their products and services.
  • Quality Assurance: Through assessment, the GeM portal can ensure that only qualified and reliable vendors are listed on the platform. This reduces the risk of substandard and fake products and services being procured by government entities.
  • Fair Competition: GeM Vendor assessment promotes fair competition among vendors by evaluating them. This encourages vendors to improve their offerings and services to stay competitive.
  • Reduced Risks: Proper assessment reduces the risks associated with procurement, such as receiving low-quality products, delayed deliveries, or non-compliance with contractual terms. This helps in safeguarding the interests of government organizations.
  • Cost Efficiency: GeM Vendor assessment can lead to better vendor selection, resulting in cost-effective procurement decisions. It ensures that government entities get value for money by choosing vendors that provide quality products/services at reasonable prices.
  • Compliance and Legal Requirements: GeM Vendor assessment ensures that vendors adhere to legal and compliance requirements, including licenses, certifications, and other necessary documentation. This mitigates legal and regulatory risks for government entities.
  • Enhanced Vendor Relationships: A robust assessment process fosters better relationships between government entities and vendors. Vendors are more likely to maintain high standards and provide satisfactory services, leading to improved long-term collaborations.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: GeM Vendor assessment provides data and insights that can be used for strategic decision-making. This data helps in analyzing vendor performance, identifying trends, and making improvements in the procurement process.
  • Simplified Procurement: By offering a pool of pre-assessed vendors, the GeM portal simplifies the procurement process for government organizations. This saves time and effort by reducing the need for extensive vendor background checks.
  • Encouraging Innovation: GeM Vendor assessment can encourage vendors to innovate and improve their offerings to meet the evolving needs of government entities. This leads to the introduction of newer and more efficient products and services.

Process of GeM Vendor Assessment

The GeM vendor Assessment is done in two forms: Desktop assessment and Video assessment.

  1. Desktop Assessment -Desktop Assessment (DA) will involve the authentication of the vendor profile, its business experience, financial ability, and production capacity. Noncompliance (NC) will be alerted if there are any problems with the papers that the vendors have uploaded. The vendor’s application would proceed to the following round of evaluation once all NCs had been resolved.
  2. Video Assessment – A video call will be made between a distant expert conducting the video assessment and the user of the mobile application. The evaluation as a whole will be geo-tagged. It will entail verifying the processes that have been uploaded for the desktop evaluation. 

Documents Required for GeM Vendor Assessment for Manufacturers

Document Required for desktop assessment

  • GST Certificate or Tax Certificate
  • Registration Certificate (MSME, Incorporation Certificate )
  • Address proof of registered Address (Electricity bill, Rent agreement, Internet Bill )
  • Import Export Registration Certificate (Optional)
  • Quality Certificate (ISO & CE)
  • License Available for Product Applied ( NSIC, BIS )
  • Udyam Aadhar or MSME Certificate
  • Contract Agreement or Service Agreement ( For Contract Manufacturing )
  • Latest & oldest Work order copy 
  • Private Purchase Order Copy of 4 Different Zone (East, West, North, South)
  • Director Identity Proof Like Passport ,Visa & Aadhar Card
  • Trademark Certificate 
  • Government Purchase & Private Purchase Order ( Maximum 3 )
  • Master Company Data, MGT-7 & AOC-4 (For Private Company) or Financial Statement for Other Entities
  • Test report of the Product ( Where ever Applicable )

Documents Required on Companies Letterhead with Stamp and Signature

  • Catalogue list 
  • Customize declaration
  • Debarred / Blacklisted by any government organization in India
  • Process flow diagram available with firm
  • Specific process flow diagram available of the products which are being manufactured by the firm (Optional)
  • List of all the machines involved in the manufacturing process
  • Monthly manufacturing capacity
  • Monthly Utilization Capacity against the manufacturing capacity
  • Quality Assurance
  • Part wise inspection plan Process (Optional)
  • Supplier List
  • SOP (Firm monitor their performance) (Optional)
  • Rejected Material Process
  • Customer complaints (Optional)
  • Is there a safety standard operating procedures manual available with the firm? (Optional)
  • Does the firm provide warranty/ guarantee or recalling to the product? (Optional)
  • Research & Development (Optional)
  • Beneficial Ownership Declaration
  • List Of Shareholder
  • List of Directors
  • Authorization letter in favor of the signing official for certification

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In conclusion, the GeM vendor assessment conducted on the GEM portal (Government e-Marketplace) has offered insightful information regarding the skills and appropriateness of various suppliers for procurement procedures. 
The GeM vendor assessment on the GEM portal serves as a vital mechanism for enhancing procurement processes, nurturing vendor growth, By upholding the principles of transparency, fairness, and value for money, the GEM portal contributes to the overall advancement of public procurement practices.


Vendor rating is calculated on the basis of five Parameters as defined in the Vendor Rating Policy. The Five Parameters are:

1) Reliability of the Seller/Service Provider

2)Quality of the Delivery

3) Coverage of the Products in GeM Marketplace

4) Timely Delivery of Products/Services

5) Incident History

To know more, please refer the vendor rating document available on GeM under ‘Resources->Sellers/service providers’

No, GeM Vendor Assessment is not mandatory for all the sellers, it is only mandatory for all OEMs & resellers ( in select categories), unless they come under exempted category.

You can refer and check the assessment report sent by QCI for reasons and remarks of rejection.

The validity of GeM Vendor Assessment shall be 3 years from the date of issue. Seller can also apply for a fresh assessment at his choice at any time on payment of requisite fee. After receipt of the new Vendor Assessment report, the old VA report will become invalid. For sellers who have got Vendor assessment done from agencies other than QCI, Vendor Assessment validity is two years from the date of assessment.

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