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How to get MSDS Certificate in Maharashtra

The MSDS Certificate also termed as Material Safety Data Sheet is a scientific document that contains potential hazards. The safety data sheet is prepared as per the guidelines of OSHA’s workplace safety norms. It is an important document that is required by the exporters of hazardous products and substances. 

In order to obtain an MSDS Certificate in Maharashtra, You can obtain an MSDS certificate with us at the lowest price possible.

What is an MSDS Certificate or Safety Data Sheet?

MSDS Certificate is a technical document that is required by exporters  of hazardous substances and various potential hazardous and non hazardous products. 


Any Indian Exporter who is exporting  to Middle eastern countries such as UAE  is bound to produce MSDS/safety data sheets for their consignment. It is an obligatory requirement in the Middle East as well as in Europe. Therefore having an MSDS certificate for your products is crucial for exporters in India. 

Objective of Getting an MSDS Certificate

The Aim of Getting to be compliant with export norms and get hassle free clearance at customs. The MSDS certificate contains details regarding danger related to the product, it also contains safety and First aid guidelines related to particular substances or products.


As per guidelines of UN  every packaging of hazardous substance  & its allied products needs to ensure UN MARK IIP Certificate before exporting to any UN member country. However not all products are required UN Mark IIP Registration to get clearance through customs. However MSDS can be a mandatory requirement for some countries.

OSHA Parameters for the Preparation of MSDS Certificate

MSDS Certificate is prepared based on the following parameters

  1. Identification of product
  2. Hazard Identification
  3. First aid measures
  4. Composition/information on ingredient
  5. Fire-fighting measure
  6. Other information
  7. Handling & Storage
  8. Exposure control/personal protection
  9. Stability & reactivity
  10. Toxicological information
  11. Ecological information
  12. Physical & Chemical Properties
  13. Disposal Consideration
  14. Transportation information
  15. Regulator information
  16. Accidental reduce measures

Documents required for MSDS Certificate in Maharashtra

  1. GST Registration Certificate
  2. Import-export code
  3. Ingredients of the Product
  4. Details of Product with image
  5. Contact Details of Company

Fees for MSDS certificate in Maharashtra

The total fees for MSDS Certificate In Maharashtra

No. of MSDS​MSDS Certificate Fees excluding GST
For 1 Certificate ​​₹4,499
For 2 Certificate₹8,999​
For Urgently Required MSDS Certificate₹8,499

Note: GST is not Included in above mentioned Fees

Validity Period of MSDS Certificate

The MSDS certificate is valid for up to the time frame of 1-3 years from the day of its issuance.

How to get MSDS Certificate in Maharashtra


Applicants need to Submit all the relative details regarding the product and its ingredient in order to get their MSDS Registration certificate prepared. Also Applicants are required to Provide Basic details of their company.

Submission of Fee

Once the Documents are submitted, applicants need to submit a complete Fee of INR 4,499 for MSDS Certification.

Preparation of MSDS certificate

After the submission of Fee, our team of experts will start preparing MSDS as per the regulation of international standards and your Requirements.

Issuance of Certificate

The MSDS Certificate will be Issued within the 7 working days.

Benefits of MSDS Certificate : Export Compliance

The MSDS Certificate is mandatory compliance for exports to the Middle East and europe. Getting Custom Clearance without MSDS is not possible for products that require an MSDS certificate.

  • Legal Export Compliance
  • Ensures Safety of Product
  • Built Trust among Importer
  • Enhance Trust on Product


MSDS certificate is a mandatory certificate that is required by the exporters of dangerous goods or substances. With Grow My Vyapar you can get your online MSDS certificate in Maharashtra, our process is simple and paperless. 


Ans.  Yes, MSDS Certificate is required or mandatory for all exporters of chemicals.

Ans. You can get your MSDS certificate with us in just a few clicks.

  • Reach out to us
  • Submitted our Form
  • Provide details and get MSDS in no time

Ans. These are the few following products for which MSDS is Required.

  • Chemical and its allied
  • Perfume
  • Batteries
  • Lubricants

And many more.

Ans. The Fee for MSDS certificate in Maharashtra is Rs. 4,499

Ans. The Safety data sheet or MSDS is used to provide hazardous details of consignment that is being shipped.

Ans. MSDS is an acronym for Material Safety Data Sheet. It is a technical document that is required to export hazardous material and products made from them.

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