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MSDS Certificate for Exporters - Fees, Process and Documents Required

MSDS Certificate or Material Safety Data Sheet for Exporters is a document that provides technical information regarding hazardous substances and its allied products. The MSDS Certificate is required by the exporters and importers of various products. The purpose of MSDS is to provide extensive details regarding the substance that is being transported. It provides insight regarding prevention and hazard associated with the products. Therefore having an MSDS Certificate is mandatory for exporters.


With “Grow My Vyapar” you can obtain your MSDS Certificate for Exporters in just a few simple steps, our experts will guide you through all the upheavals of preparation of the safety data sheet. The MSDS Certificate is prepared on the guidelines of OSHA for international compatibility.

What is MSDS? An Overview for Exporters

The Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS is a scientific document that is prepared as per the workplace safety guidelines of OSHA or other relative organizations. The MSDS certificate contains hazard and prevention details regarding the substance. It is an important document that is required by the exporters to comply with international shipping guidelines. 


“For instance if you are an exporter of paint or Exporters or any such product that contains chemicals or any substance which can pose threat to health and environment then MSDS certificate will be required to attach with the consignment of the said product.” 

Parameters of MSDS Certificate

MSDS Certificates are prepared on the parameters of OSHA. Those parameters can be classified or categorized into 16 sub sections upon which an MSDS certificate or safety data sheet is prepared.


16 parameters of OSHA on which the material safety data sheet is prepared.

  1. Identification of product
  2. Hazard Identification
  3. First aid measures
  4. Composition/information on ingredient
  5. Fire-fighting measure
  6. Other information
  7. Handling & Storage
  8. Exposure control/personal protection
  9. Stability & reactivity
  10. Toxicological information
  11. Ecological information
  12. Physical & Chemical Properties
  13. Disposal Consideration
  14. Transportation information
  15. Regulator information
  16. Accidental reduce measures

MSDS Certificate fee for Exporters

The MSDS Certificate fee for Exporters is around 4,999/- only with Grow My Vyapar for one certificate.

ParticularsMSDS Certificate Fees excluding GST
For 1 Certificate ₹4,999​
For 2 Certificate ₹8,999​
For Urgently Required MSDS Certificate INR 8,499/-

Note: In case of more than 2 certificates the Fee can be revised.

MSDS Certificate Time and Validity

It takes around 3-4 days to prepare one MSDS certificate. The MSDS certificate is valid up to the time period of 3 years from the day of its issuance.

Documents Required for MSDS Certificate for Exporters

The Details required for MSDS Certificate is as follows:

  • Import Export Code
  • Details of Company
  • Details of Product
  • Pictures of Product
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Letterhead of the Company
  • GST Details of the Company
  • Details of ingredients used in the products % Wise

Process for obtaining MSDS Certificate for Exporters

The Process to acquire an MSDS certificate can be classified into 3 simple steps is as follows


Step-1 : Provide all the required information regarding the substance or product for which MSDS is required for export.


Step-2 : Once all the details are available, experts will start working on preparation of the MSDS certificate.


Step-3 : Once the MSDS Certificate is prepared, it will be issued to respectives applicants of the certificate.

Benefits of MSDS Certificate

An MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) certificate provides several benefits to businesses and workers:

  • Improved safety: MSDS certificates help to ensure that workers are aware of the potential hazards of the chemicals they are using and how to handle them safely. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Compliance with regulations: MSDS certificates are required by law in many countries, and they can help businesses to demonstrate that they are meeting their legal obligations.
  • Improved communication: MSDS certificates provide a standardized format for communicating information about hazardous chemicals, which can help to ensure that everyone involved in the handling and use of these chemicals has the same level of understanding.
  • Reduced liability: MSDS certificates can help businesses to reduce their liability in the event of an accident or injury involving hazardous chemicals. They can demonstrate that the business took reasonable steps to inform workers about the hazards of the chemicals and how to handle them safely.
  • Enhanced customer confidence: Customers are increasingly demanding that businesses provide information about the safety of the products they purchase. MSDS certificates can help businesses to build customer confidence by demonstrating that they are committed to safety.

Conclusion : Why is an MSDS Certificate Required?

The material safety data sheet is an obligatory compliance for the export market especially when product is classified under dangerous goods. MSDS Certificate ensures the contents of shipment and it also provides initial first aid or hazard prevention guidelines to protect workers in case of any accidental mishappening. MSDS certificate is also an obligatory requirement in gulf countries for exporters. Therefore having an MSDS certificate is not just important to grow business, it is also a mandatory requirement for exporters.

FAQs Related to MSDS Certificate

Ans. MSDS Certificate fee for Exporters is INR 4,999 INR for one certificate.

Ans. You can get your MSDS Certificate for Exporters with Grow My Vyapar at just 4,999 rupees only.

Ans. The validity for MSDS Certificate is around 3 years.

Ans. Yes, MSDS certificate is a requirement for shipping hazardous goods and products made of chemicals and its allied products.

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