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MSDS Certificate For Lithium ion Batteries @Just 4,999

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Safety Data Sheet for Lithium Batteries - Fees, Documents and Procedure

Lithium ion Batteries are on the most crucial components of electric based products be it cars or small toys. However the li-on Batteries come with certain levels of hazard and can cause danger. Therefore the MSDS certificate for lithium Batteries is a must have for all the exporters and importers of lithium Lithium ion Batteries.


The safety data sheet is also required by the customs during the import or export of consignment. As it provides safety guidelines for  the products and precautions that can come handy.


The Safety data sheet (MSDS) can be written, printed, or communicated in other ways as per the guidelines of GHS, WHMIS, & OSHA. The SDS also includes precautionary measures to take when handling such products, as well as the classification and labeling of chemicals and hazardous products.

Why is an MSDS Certificate Required for Lithium ion Batteries?

The objective of getting an MSDS Certificate for Lithium ion Batteries is to provide cautionary information regarding the transport and handling of the product.  As it includes instructions regarding handling, transportation, and safety management of such products. All importers-exporters and merchant manufacturers of Lithium ion Batteries must obtain an MSDS certification to comply with OSHA guidelines.

MSDS is also required by law in many countries. As per the regulations each consignment of dangerous goods should have MSDS sheet printed on them. MSDS should be kept on file and reviewed regularly to ensure that employees are aware of the hazards associated with the products they use and how to safely handle them.

Category of Products that require MSDS Certification?

List of products that required a material safety data sheet for their import-export business. 

  • Corrosives
  • Cosmetics
  • Herbal Products
  • Paints
  • Drugs
  • Degreasers
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Toxic chemicals and solvents
  • Pesticides and insecticides

Objectives of MSDS Certificate for Lithium ion Batteries

To ensure the safe handling and use of a hazardous substance, the MSDS/safety data sheet on the consignment packaging provides complete information about the handling and precautionary safety of the material and the handlers. It includes information such as:

  • The chemical composition of the substance
  • Its physical and chemical properties
  • Its potential hazards
  • The appropriate safety precautions to be taken when handling and using it

The MSDS also includes information on how to dispose of the substance safely. It is important to read and understand the MSDS before handling or using any hazardous substance.

Preparation for MSDS Certificate is based on

MSDS Certificates are prepared on the following parameter described by the OSHA and various international work safety organizations.

  • Properties of the product
  • The nature of the product
  • The first aid instruction
  • Possible reactions
  • Storage Methods
  • Effects on health
  • Methods of disposal 
  • Protective equipment to be used
  • Chemical spill-handling process

Parameters for Material Safety Data Sheet/SDS

MSDS certificates are prepared using the following 16 parameters based on global standards and OSHA Guidelines.

  1. Identification of product
  2. Hazard Identification
  3. First aid measures
  4. Composition/information on ingredient
  5. Fire-fighting measure
  6. Other information
  7. Handling & Storage
  8. Exposure control/personal protection
  9. Stability & reactivity
  10. Toxicological information
  11. Ecological information
  12. Physical & Chemical Properties
  13. Disposal Consideration
  14. Transportation information
  15. Regulator information
  16. Accidental reduce measures

Documents required for MSDS for li-on Batteries

  1. GST Registration Certificate
  2. Import-export code
  3. Ingredients of the Product
  4. Details of Product with image
  5. Contact Details of Company

What is the Fees for MSDS Certificate for Lithium Batteries

The Fee for obtaining an MSDS certificate :

No. of MSDS​MSDS Certificate Fees excluding GST
For 1 Certificate ​ ​₹4,999​
For 2 Certificate ₹8,999​
For Urgently Required MSDS Certificate ₹8,499

Procedure for obtaining MSDS Certificate


To begin the process of obtaining an MSDS certificate, applicants must provide all required information and documentation about their product. 

Submission of Fee

Once the applicant has successfully submitted the required documents and information about their product, they must pay the processing fees.

Preparation of MSDS certificate

The next step is to collect all relevant information and organize it in a predetermined format. The MSDS Sheet will be prepared according to the European Union’s standards.

Issuance of certification

Once the safety data sheet (SDS) is finalized, I will send it to the relevant recipient. The recipient must sign the MSDS and use it with the material’s packaging and labeling. 


MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet, which shows the risks associated with using a chemical and hazardous material. 

The cost of one certificate for a lithium battery is Rs. 4,999 The cost of multiple certificates will be less than the cost of purchasing each certificate individually.

Yes, MSDS is a mandatory compliance for the importers.

The following documents are required for MSDS/SDS certification:-

  1. GST Registration Certificate
  2. Ingredients of the Product
  3. Importer exporter code
  4. Details of Product with image
  5. Contact Details of Company

The safety data sheet is used for hazardous material safety and preventive assessment.

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